Blended Learning Model

Classroom Lecture

Philadelphia Learning Academy West utilizes a blended learning model where students use technology as a learning tool. During the afternoon instructional block, students are actively involved in a web-based teaching program called Edgenuity. The interactivity provided by the Edgenuity platform encourages learning that develops competence, confidence, and enthusiasm for independent, reflective, and life-long learning. Teaching strategies focus on student-centered learning, providing all students with the academic, technological and social skills needed to be productive and contributing citizens in our society.

  • Through a blended learning model, our students are exposed to the traditional classroom environment where direct instruction is happening. Content area teachers in the core subject areas for the entire school year lead these classes.
  • In direct instruction classes, students attend core content classes such as, English, Math, History, Science, as well as a World Language.
  • In the afternoon, students are exposed to the cyber-learning portion of the day. Students attend labs with computers to work online with the Edgenuity program. Edgenuity allows students to accelerate through classes that are taken online and thereby acquiring credits needed for graduation.

Edgenuity offers our students:

  • Assisting teachers in differentiating instruction by using education and practice to meet graduation, college and career readiness needs.
  • Helps students fit schoolwork into busy schedules with anytime/anywhere Web access.
  • Enhances both educators’ and students’ ability to leverage technology to ensure on-time graduation and college and career readiness.
  • Addresses academic areas that students find challenging and remediates foundational skills in order to assist our scholars in the general curriculum.