School Wide Expectations and Rules

1. Respect and Kindness
Treat others with respect and kindness.
Use appropriate language and tone when speaking to peers and staff.
Bullying, harassment, and discrimination are not tolerated.
2. Attendance and Punctuality
Attend all classes and arrive on time.
Follow procedures for reporting absences or late arrivals.
3. Dress Code
Follow the dress code policy outlined by the school.
Dress modestly and avoid clothing that disrupts the learning environment.
4. Academic Integrity
Do your own work and give proper credit for others’ ideas and work.
Avoid cheating, plagiarism, and any form of academic dishonesty.
5. Electronics and Devices
Use electronic devices only as permitted by teachers and staff.
Follow rules regarding device usage in classrooms and common areas.
6. Classroom Behavior
Listen attentively to teachers and follow their instructions.
Raise your hand to ask or answer questions.
Stay seated and engaged during lessons.
7. Hallway Behavior
Walk quietly and calmly in the hallways.
Maintain a respectful distance from others.
8. Homework and Assignments
Complete assignments on time and to the best of your ability.
Seek help from teachers when needed.
9. Food and Beverages
Consume food and drinks only in designated areas.
Follow guidelines for lunchroom etiquette and cleanliness.
10. Safety and Security
Follow emergency procedures and evacuation plans.
Report any safety concerns to a teacher or staff member.
11. Personal Belongings
Keep personal belongings secure and organized.
Do not bring valuable items to school unless necessary.
12. Respect for Property
Take care of school property and resources.
Avoid vandalism and littering.
13. Extracurricular Activities
Follow rules and expectations during extracurricular activities.
Represent the school positively in competitions and events.
14. Use of Language
Use appropriate language in all school-related communications.
Avoid offensive or inappropriate language.
15. Health and Hygiene
Maintain good personal hygiene to promote a healthy environment.
Follow guidelines for illness reporting and prevention.